How to Reset Brake Pedal Position Sensor?

In order to reset the brake pedal position sensor, you will need to disconnect the negative battery cable.

Once the negative battery cable is disconnected, you will need to press and hold the brake pedal down for approximately 15 seconds. After 15 seconds has elapsed, you can then reconnect the negative battery cable and the brake pedal position sensor will be reset.

  • With the vehicle in Park, depress and hold the brake pedal for 15 seconds
  • Start the engine and allow it to idle for two minutes
  • Depress and release the brake pedal three times within five seconds
  • Place the transmission in Drive and slowly accelerate to 20 mph without depressing the brake pedal
  • Maintain a speed of 20 mph for two miles then coast to a stop without depressing the brake pedal

How Do You Reset a Brake Pedal Switch?

When the brake pedal is depressed, a switch is activated that sends a signal to the brake lights. Over time, this switch can become worn and may need to be reset. Resetting the brake pedal switch is a relatively simple process that can be done at home with a few tools.

First, locate the switch on the brake pedal. It will be located near where the pedal meets the firewall. There will be two wires connected to the switch – one for power and one for ground.

Next, disconnect both wires from the switch. Using a small screwdriver, depress the tab on the back of the switch and pull it out. Inspect theswitch for any damage or corrosion.

If everything looks good,
reinstallthe switch by reversing these steps. Once you have reconnected both wires tothe switch, test it by depressingthe brake pedal. The brake lights should come on when you do this.

What Happens When a Brake Pedal Position Sensor Fails?

When a brake pedal position sensor fails, it can cause the brakes to feel spongy or unresponsive. The car may also pull to one side when braking. In some cases, the brake pedal position sensor can fail completely, causing the brakes to lock up or fail to work at all.

How Do You Calibrate a Brake Position Sensor on a Gmc Acadia?

If you need to calibrate a brake position sensor on your GMC Acadia, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Make sure the vehicle is parked on level ground and that the brakes are cooled down before beginning.

2. Locate the brake position sensor (it will be on or near the brake pedal) and disconnect the electrical connector.

3. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the two terminals on the sensor (the resistance should be within 50-200 ohms). If it’s not within that range, replace the sensor.

4. Reconnect the electrical connector and pump the brakes a few times to seat the new sensor in place.

Test drive the vehicle to make sure everything is working properly.

Where is the Brake Sensor Switch?

Most vehicles have the brake sensor switch located near the brake pedal.

It is usually a small, black box with wires leading to it. The purpose of the brake sensor switch is to tell the computer when the brakes are applied so that the system can activate.

If your vehicle does not have this switch, it may have a similar device called a Brake Pressure Sensor (BPS).


It is important to know how to reset brake pedal position sensor, in case it becomes necessary. The process is not difficult, but there are a few steps that must be followed carefully.

First, disconnect the negative battery cable.

Next, remove the master cylinder cap and use a flathead screwdriver to depress the plunger inside the cylinder. Be sure not to let any air bubbles escape. With the plunger depressed, reconnect the negative battery cable and wait for about five minutes before releasing the plunger.

Finally, bleed the brakes according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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