How to Adjust Electric Choke on Edelbrock Carburetor?

To adjust the electric choke on an Edelbrock carburetor, first make sure the engine is at operating temperature. Then, loosen the two screws that hold the choke housing to the carburetor body. Next, rotate the housing until the choke plate is fully open.

Finally, retighten the screws and check for proper operation.

  • The electric choke is controlled by a small module mounted on the carburetor
  • This module has two adjustment screws, one for idle speed and one for full throttle
  • To adjust the electric choke, first loosen the set screw that secures the module to the carburetor body
  • Then turn both adjusting screws clockwise until they are snug against the stop pins
  • Rotate the idle speed adjusting screw counterclockwise until it is two turns from fully closed
  • Finally, rotate the full throttle adjusting screw counterclockwise until it is four turns from fully closed

How to Adjust Choke on Carburetor?

A carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes fuel and air together in the proper ratio for combustion. The choke is a valve that limits the amount of air flow into the carburetor, which in turn adjusts the mixture of fuel and air.

If your engine is running too lean (not enough fuel), you can adjust the choke to allow more air into the carburetor.

This will richen up the mixture and hopefully fix the problem. Conversely, if your engine is running too rich (too much fuel), you can adjust the choke to restrict airflow and lean out the mixture.

It’s important to note that you should only make small adjustments at a time, as big changes can cause your engine to run poorly or even damage it.

Also, be sure to check your owner’s manual before making any adjustments, as there may be specific instructions for your vehicle.

How Do You Adjust an Edelbrock Choke?

Assuming you have an Edelbrock carburetor: The choke is located on the passenger side of the carburetor and is held in place with two screws. To adjust the choke, first remove the air filter housing so that you have access to the choke.

Then, using a flathead screwdriver,
turn each screw clockwise or counterclockwise until you achieve the desired amount of choke. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, as this can damage the gasket.

Can an Electric Choke Be Adjusted?

An electric choke is a device that helps to regulate the engine’s air-fuel mixture. It works by automatically adjusting the amount of fuel that is delivered to the engine, based on the temperature of the air. This ensures that the engine always has the correct mixture, regardless of ambient temperature.

The electric choke can be adjusted manually,
but it is not recommended to do so unless you are experienced with working on engines. The reason for this is because if the choke is not set correctly, it can cause engine problems.

Additionally, most vehicles come with a factory- preset setting for the electric choke, so it is best to leave it at that setting unless you know what you are doing.

How Does Electric Choke on Edelbrock Carb Work?

An electric choke is a device on a carburetor that helps regulate the engine’s idle speed. The electric choke controls the amount of air that enters the engine when it is idling. It does this by opening and closing a valve in the carburetor.

When the engine is running,
the electric choke closes the valve to allow more air into the engine, which makes it run faster.

When the engine is off, the electric choke opens the valve to allow less air into the engine, which makes it idle slower.

How Do You Set Up an Electric Choke?

An electric choke is a device used on carbureted engines to improve cold starting. It works by heating the air around the carburetor throat with an electric element, making it easier for the engine to draw in fuel and start.

To set up an electric choke, you’ll need to install an electrical connector onto the carburetor throat.

This will usually involve removing the air cleaner housing and attaching the connector to one of the wires leading to the carburetor.

Once installed, simply connect the other end of the wire to your battery’s positive terminal. Some aftermarket chokes come with a built-in resistor that helps protect your car’s electrical system from voltage spikes.

If yours doesn’t have one, you can buy a stand-alone resistor and install it inline with the wire leading to your battery. This is generally not necessary, but it’s a good idea if you’re worried about damaging your car’s electronics.


If you have an Edelbrock carburetor, you may need to adjust the electric choke. This is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

First, locate the choke wire on the carburetor.

Then, disconnect the wire from the carburetor. Next, turn on the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. After the engine has warmed up, reconnect the wire to the carburetor.

Now your Edelbrock carburetor should be working properly!

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