How Many Carburetors Does a 1982 Corvette Have?

The 1982 Corvette has two carburetors.

A 1982 Corvette has two carburetors. The primary carburetor is located on the driver’s side of the engine and the secondary carburetor is located on the passenger’s side.

What is a 1982 Corvette Worth?

A 1982 Corvette is worth an estimated $9,000. This estimate is based on a variety of factors including the condition of the vehicle, its mileage, and its features. The value of a Corvette can vary greatly depending on its individual history and characteristics.

Does a 1982 Corvette Have Carburetors?

No, the 1982 Corvette was the first year that Corvettes came equipped with fuel injection. Carburetors were no longer used on Corvettes after 1981.

Is a 1982 Corvette Fuel Injected?

The answer is yes, the 1982 Corvette was fuel injected. The system used electronic controls to regulate fuel delivery to the engine based on driving conditions and engine speed. This helped improve performance and economy.

What Engine Did a 1982 Corvette Have?

The engine in the 1982 Corvette was a 350ci V8. This engine produced 200 horsepower and had a top speed of around 150 mph. The 0-60 mph time for this car was about 7 seconds.

How Many 1982 Collector Edition Corvettes are There?

There were 6,759 1982 Collector Edition Corvettes made. All of them were white with red interiors and came with a special decal package. 1,853 of the cars had a manual transmission and 5,906 had an automatic transmission.


The 1982 Corvette was equipped with a four-barrel carburetor. However, many owners replaced the factory carburetor with an aftermarket unit. Today, it is not uncommon to see Corvettes with six-barrel carburetors.

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