Disadvantages of Cutting Car Springs

Cutting car springs may cause the vehicle to sag, which can adversely affect its handling and braking. In addition, cutting car springs can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

There are many disadvantages of cutting car springs. One disadvantage is that it can lower the value of your vehicle. Another is that it can cause problems with your suspension, making your ride less comfortable and potentially damaging your tires.

Cutting car springs can also make it more difficult to control your car in an emergency situation.

What Happens If You Cut Car Springs?

If you cut car springs, the car will sit lower to the ground. This can be desirable if you are looking to lower the center of gravity on your car for racing purposes. It can also give your car a “slammed” look.

However, cutting your springs will decrease the suspension travel and make your ride less comfortable. It can also make your car more susceptible to bottoming out ( hitting the ground) when going over bumps.

Why Shouldn’T You Cut Springs?

Springs are an essential part of many machines and devices, providing the tension or “springiness” that helps them work. While it might be tempting to cut a spring in order to shorten it or make it fit a particular space, this is generally not a good idea. Why?

Here are four reasons: 1.
Cutting springs can weaken them. When you cut a spring, you create a new weak point in the metal where the cut was made.

This can cause the spring to break more easily at that point, which could lead to serious consequences if the spring is part of something like a car or other machinery.

2. Cutting springs can change their shape and performance. The way a spring is designed to work is based on its coils being uniform in size and shape.

When you cut a spring, you change its shape and can throw off its performance. This means it might not work as intended anymore, which could cause problems with whatever device or machine it’s part of.

3. It’s often hard to get cuts in springs right.

If you’re not experienced with cutting springs (or other metals),
it can be very difficult to get clean, precise cuts that don’t damage the surrounding metal or alter the shape of the coil too much. This increases the likelihood of one of the first two issues occurring.

4. Finally, there are usually better ways to achieve what you want than by cutting springs.

. If you need a shorter spring, for example, there are typically ways of achieving this without cutting and damaging the spring itself..

In short,
unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s best to avoid cutting springs altogether..

Does Cutting a Coil Spring Change the Spring Rate?

When you cut a coil spring, it will change the spring rate. The amount that it changes depends on how much you cut off and where you make the cut.

If you make a small cut near the bottom of the spring, it won’t have as much effect as if you make a large cut near the top.

Can You Cut Stock Springs to Lower Your Car?

If you’re looking to lower your car, you might be wondering if you can simply cut the stock springs to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Cutting springs will change the spring rate, which means that the suspension will no longer perform as intended.

This could lead to a number of problems, including a bouncy ride and reduced handling. In some cases, it might even be unsafe. So while cutting springs may be an easy way to lower your car, it’s not recommended.


While some car owners might think that cutting their car springs is a way to lower the vehicle and give it a sportier look, there are actually several disadvantages to this practice.

First, cutting springs can reduce the life of the shocks and other suspension components. Second, it can make the ride quality rougher and less comfortable.

Finally, it can negatively affect the handling of the vehicle, making it more difficult to control on curves and turns.

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