Difference between 8Mm Vs 10Mm Spark Plug Wires

8Mm Vs 10Mm Spark Plug Wires

Differences betweeen 8Mm Vs 10Mm Spark Plug Wires including the type of engine, the operating conditions and the desired performance. In general, however, 8mm spark plug wires are less likely to cause misfires and provide better ignition timing than 10mm wires. When it comes to spark plug wires, there are two main types on the … Read more

Are Duralast Spark Plug Wires Good?

Duralast spark plug wires are good because they have a low resistance which helps improve the electrical flow to the spark plugs. This results in more reliable firing of the spark plugs and better overall performance of the engine. If you’re looking for a good quality spark plug wire, Duralast is a great option. Their … Read more