Can You Make Sticky Pistons With Honey?

Yes, you can make sticky pistons with honey. You will need a block of obsidian, a piston, and a bucket of honey. Place the obsidian block on the ground and place the piston in front of it.

Right-click on the obsidian with the bucket of honey and wait for the piston to extend and become sticky.

  • Obtain a sticky piston
  • Place the piston on a flat surface
  • Apply honey to the top and bottom of the piston
  • Wait for the honey to dry, then apply more if necessary
  • Once the honey is dry, test the piston by trying to push it down with your finger or another object
  • If it sticks, then you have successfully made a sticky piston!

Can You Make Sticky Pistons Without Slime?

Slime blocks are often used in the construction of sticky pistons, as the slime block will ‘stick’ to the piston head and allow it to extend and retract without issue.

However, it is possible to make a sticky piston without using a slime block. All that is needed is a block of obsidian or another similarly hard material, and something for the piston head to ‘stick’ to – such as a piece of paper or another thin object.

When constructing your sticky piston without slime,
simply place the obsidian block at the bottom of your desired structure, with the other block (or paper) on top of it.

Then, when extending the piston, use something like an arrow or lever to push/pull the top object away from the obsidian – this will cause the obsidian to slide out from beneath it, leaving behind a perfect gap for your piston head!

How Do You Make a Sticky Piston Without Slime?

In Minecraft, sticky pistons are a redstone mechanism that can move blocks and push entities. Sticky pistons have the same function as regular pistons, except they can also pull the block on their head back when retracting. This makes them useful for moving blocks around, or for creating auto-mining systems.

To make a sticky piston without slime, you will need: 1x Piston 2x Redstone Dust

1x Block of Cobblestone/Stone/Obsidian (Any block that can’t be moved by Pistons) First, place the block of cobblestone/stone/obsidian on the ground. Then, place the piston in front of it so that the head of the piston is pointing towards the block.

Next, place two pieces of redstone dust on each side of the cobblestone block. Finally, power the redstone dust with a redstone power source (a lever or button). The piston should now be able to push and pull the cobblestone block!

Can Honey Be Used As Slime in Minecraft?

Yes, honey can be used as slime in Minecraft. When combined with other ingredients like water and dirt, honey creates a sticky, viscous substance that can be used to coat surfaces and create slippery traps.

While not as versatile as its block counterpart, honey does have some unique properties that make it worth considering for your next adventure.

What Blocks Don’T Stick to Honey?

Honey is a natural substance that is produced by bees and has many benefits. One of the benefits of honey is that it does not stick to surfaces like other liquids do. This means that it can be used in a variety of ways without having to worry about clean up.

There are a few things, however, that honey will not stick to. One of the things that honey will not stick to is plastic wrap. This is because the surface of plastic wrap is too smooth for the honey to adhere to.

If you’re looking for a way to store honey without it sticking to everything, plastic wrap may be your best bet. Another material that honey won’t stick to is silicone. This includes silicone baking mats and silicon cupcake liners.

The reason why silicone doesn’t work well with honey is because it’s non-stick properties repel the sticky substance. If you’re looking for an alternative storage option for your honey, try using one of these materials instead.

Can Honey Blocks Be Pushed by Pistons?

Yes, honey blocks can be pushed by pistons! When a piston extends, the block attached to the piston head is pushed forward until it hits another block. If the pushed block is a honey block, then the sticky properties of honey will cause the two blocks to adhere to each other.


In the blog post, the author explains how sticky pistons can be made with honey. Honey is a natural adhesive and can be used to make pistons that are sticky and strong. The author provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a sticky piston with honey.

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