Can I Get an Alignment With Bad Struts?

No, you cannot get an alignment with bad struts. The struts on your car play a vital role in keeping your vehicle stable and ensuring a smooth ride. If they are damaged, it will be very difficult to get an alignment.

If your struts are in poor condition, it’s possible that you’ll need an alignment. However, if your struts are completely shot, you probably won’t be able to get an alignment. This is because bad struts can cause the suspension to sag, which will throw off the alignment.

In some cases, you may be able to get away with just replacing the struts, but in other cases, you may need to replace the entire suspension system.

  • Drive the vehicle on a flat surface and measure the distance between the ground and the fender at all four corners of the car
  • The measurements should be equal
  • With the engine off, push down on each corner of the car
  • The car should rebound to its original position quickly without bouncing excessively
  • If it does not, this is an indication that the struts are bad
  • Another way to check for bad struts is to drive over bumps in the road at a moderate speed
  • If you feel every bump and your teeth rattle, chances are your struts need to be replaced

Temporary Fix for Bad Struts

If your car’s struts are damaged, it can be a costly repair. However, there is a temporary fix that you can do to help extend the life of your struts. This fix is not permanent and should only be used as a last resort.

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate the strut on your car. It is usually located near the wheel well. Once you’ve found it, use a jack to lift up the car so that you can work on the strut.

Next, use a wrench to remove the top nut from the strut. Be careful not to lose this nut! Now, take a piece of metal tubing that is slightly smaller in diameter than the strut itself.

Cut this tubing into two pieces, each about 12 inches long. Slide one piece of tubing over each end of the exposed strut. Make sure that these pieces of tubing are snug against the ends of the strut, or else they will not stay in place and could cause further damage.

Finally, replace the top nut onto the end of the strut and tighten it down with your wrench. Now lower your car back down and test out your makeshift repair job!

Do Struts Have Anything to Do With Alignment?

Struts have nothing to do with alignment. Alignment is the process of setting your vehicle’s wheels so that they are pointing in the same direction. This is usually done when you first get a new car, and then again whenever you change your tires.

Can Bad Shocks Affect Wheel Alignment?

Bad shocks can affect wheel alignment in a number of ways. First, they can cause the suspension to sag, which can throw off the alignment. Additionally, worn or damaged shocks can cause the wheels to bounce when driving on rough roads, which can also lead to misalignment.

Finally, if the shocks are leaking, this can cause fluid to build up on the tires and eventually lead to uneven wear and tear, further exacerbating alignment issues.

What Happens If You Keep Driving on a Bad Strut?

If you keep driving on a bad strut, it will eventually cause the tire to wear out and could lead to a blowout. The strut is what helps support the weight of the vehicle and keeps the tires from wobbling. If it is damaged, it can’t do its job properly and puts extra stress on the tires.

In addition, a bad strut can also throw off the alignment of your vehicle, which can lead to premature tire wear and decreased fuel efficiency.

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